About Praxis

Important Work Lies Ahead

Recovery means more than just completion of our program. Your recovery may begin here in treatment, but it continues every day as you practice the skills and coping tools learned while with us. It lives in the community of peers and loved ones that continue to support your journey. It becomes a part of who you are. Whether it's getting back on your feet, back into the workforce, or back into school, Praxis will help you get back to chasing your dreams and accomplishing your goals.

About Praxis


The Praxis mission is to provide quality clinical treatment for substance use disorders. We welcome patients into an environment that loves and supports them in their journey of recovery. Praxis works with patients to help them achieve a healthy lifestyle in both mind and body through the elimination of drug and alcohol usage.


The Praxis vision is to provide quality clinical treatment services for both private and federally insured individuals, ensuring that no American needs to travel more than 2 hours to receive effective, high-quality treatment for substance use disorders.

Program Information

Our residential program comprises 30 days and utilizes individual and group therapy sessions, behavioral therapy, and a trans-theoretical approach to recovery that means we are not restricted to one single method of treatment. Praxis also offers full detox services and a robust alumni program, along with education and support programs that teach valuable life skills for maintaining sobriety. Not every addiction is exactly alike, so developing treatment programs to match the individual needs of each patient is paramount.

38 Beds (19M/19F)
30-Days Inpatient

Residential Treatment
Individual & Group Therapy
Mindfulness and Recreation
Alumni Program
SMART Recovery
12 Step (AA, NA)
Refuge Recovery
Celebrate Recovery

Education and Support
Family Education Program
Personal Finance
Career Education
Interpersonal Skills
Child Care
Legal Resources
Nursing Education
Sober Living Resources

Family Education Program
The Pathology of Addiction
Mental Health & Addiction
Boundaries, Codependency, and Communication
Alumni Stories


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