Alumni Program

Addiction is a lifelong disease, and even people who have been sober for years can still benefit from the support of others.

Because of this, Praxis offers patients a support network of alumni that can help individuals in recovery as they continue their journey.

Alumni Program

Understanding that there are others who have gone through the treatment process and come out the other side can be inspirational. Luckily, our staff has dedicated alumni coordinators available to host events and serve as liaisons for alumni and their families.

Patients will receive dedicated alumni mentors that will check in on alumnus at the 30, 60, and 90-day achievements and every six months after that. The check-ins are done to see how patients are doing with their newfound sobriety.

Upon discharge, patients will receive plans that help them continue on the path to recovery following treatment. Plans usually include referrals to private therapists, psychiatrists, and sober living homes. After being discharged, staff can assist in scheduling follow-up appointments. Patients will also receive guides that can help with coping mechanisms, relapse prevention and other aftercare details.


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