Educations & Support

Family Education
Family education at Praxis invites family members and cohabitants of patients to participate in a 4-part educational series about the disease of addiction, covering topics ranging from the physiological science of addiction, comorbidity, trauma, codependency, establishing boundaries, and real life examples from alumni speakers.

Career Assistance
Individuals in recovery can face numerous challenges following rehab, including securing gainful employment that can help cover bills, put food on the table, and provide a stable and secure environment in which to work and thrive. Part of the focus at Praxis is teaching our patients not only how to get clean, but practical ways to continue living sober while achieving life goals and milestones. With career assistance training at Praxis, patients will learn valuable skills such as updating a resume, avoiding relapse on the job, and connections to local support groups and job opportunities.

Legal Assistance
Some of our patients may need help working through legal issues that could be hindering their chances at successful recovery in the long term. Our experienced professionals can take away much of the stress and pressure of a legal case, by providing court reports, progress letters, and drug and alcohol testing for court mandated treatment.

Juggling the responsibilities of children on top of your participation in rehab and recovery programs can be incredibly difficult. The staff at Praxis works tirelessly to help connect you and your family with childcare providers and other services to ensure that your child is taken care of while in treatment.

Nutrition Education
Addiction to drugs and alcohol can wreak havoc on the balance we normally maintain when it comes to healthy diet and exercise. Maintaining a regular aerobic exercise routine along with following a healthy and balanced diet can actually lower risk of developing an addiction or relapsing from a prior addiction. Research has shown that individuals who regularly engage in exercise are less like likely to use and abuse illicit drugs, and that exercise offers special protective behavioral and neurological effects against developing a substance use disorder.

Financial Education
Getting your financial footing back on track after getting sober can be difficult at first. A substance habit can be costly. Getting your finances into a stable state following rehab can be a difficult and frustrating process, but it is necessary for ensuring that your recovery is successful. Learning finances along with other important life skills like nutrition, career assistance, and interpersonal skills are important steps to take to help maintain sobriety.

Sober Living
Sober living homes can be an important step between residential treatment and stability reintegrating with daily life. In sober living, alumni can connect with one another, support, and encourage continued sobriety.


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